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Annual reports:

If you wish, you may request the reports on previous financial years via email at the following address:

With our annual report, we aim to summarise what the financial year in question meant to us and to provide an overview of the scenarios in which we perform the different activities that make up our business, including the Spanish market, the European market and the world market.

Deoleo Annual Report 2012.pdf 24/05/2013 Annual Report pdf / 20.1 MiB
Gob. Corp. 2012 EN.pdf 31/12/2012 Annual Corporate Governance Report pdf / 4.2 MiB
CCAA 2012 - Deoleo SA and Subsidiaries.pdf 31/12/2012 Consolidated Financial Statements pdf / 1.6 MiB
Annual Report_2011.pdf 24/05/2012 Annual Report pdf / 14.9 MiB
Consolidated Financial Statements_2011.pdf 31/12/2011 Consolidated Financial Statements pdf / 3.6 MiB
Annual Corporate Governance Report_2011.pdf 31/12/2011 Annual Corporate Governance Report pdf / 865.5 KiB

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